On walking 10,000 steps a day (or trying to) during a global pandemic.

Like most people, I’ve been trying to stay more or less active during lockdown. It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you that! From the Youtube workout videos/ Instagram live sessions to the “I’m definitely going out for a run” false promises, I realised that what works best for me is reaching my daily Fitbit goal of at least 10,000 steps.

Now, it may not seem like a very intense workout, but hey, it’s better than binge-watching Netflix series while eating a full size bag of crisps (I do that after my walk).

Here are a few things I’ve noticed along the way.

Your girl in Mousehold Heath
Near Cow Tower

The lockdown eeriness

No cars, barely any people around. It honestly reminds me of the film 28 days later. Saying that, the situation is very different between walking in the city (completely empty streets and suspicious looking people you try to walk past as quickly as possible) and walking in the countryside (happy elderly couples and smiley people walking their puppies). I live in the city and usually I’d say I prefer it over living in the countryside, but.. I think I would like it better if I lived as far away from the city as possible right now. 

Running out of ideas of where to go on your walks so just ending up going around the same places almost everyday.

Bonus points if you see the same people at the same time and you nod at each other understandingly (from a safe distance of course).


And if the weather is bad?

Then I usually end up trying to get to 10,000 by just staying at home which means pacing around the house while brushing your teeth. Or doing extra chores just to get your steps up. Like hoovering (one of my most disliked chores) or taking the trash out. Sometimes even a trip to the fridge will give you a few extra steps..

You know what the worst part of it is though? Going to bed, getting really comfy and cosy, ready to go to sleep, and having a last look at your fitbit watch and discovering you have 79 more steps to go to reach your daily goal. You best believe your girl is going to get up, do a big sigh and do a few laps around the bed. Why am I the way that I am?

Calypso by David Sedaris

If you haven’t read anything by David Sedaris, I highly recommend it, especially in these strange times. He writes in a very casual and humorous way and provides a good dose of daily escapism. In his book Calypso, he mentions he’s a fellow fitbit addict and that he first started with the default daily goal of 10,000 steps which he quickly realised was not enough for him. Living in the suburbs of Surrey, he now walks about 60,000 (!!) a day. I definitely can’t compare with these numbers but hey, a girl can dream.

Calypso by David Sedaris

Your partner suspecting every trip out you suggest is just a pretext for you to reach 10,000

I have been accused many times. Including, but not limited to:

  • Taking a different route to go to the supermarket
  • Going to see our friend on his birthday
  • Doing the hoovering (okay, maybe this one was just a pretext)

Do you have a Fitbit? If so, please add me as a friend, I’m lonely.  My user name is Alex T.

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