Creating A Brand Logo For A New Small Business – Mollie Moo

Working on this project has been such a blast! Originally introduced by a very talented web developer, I e-met Ceri who is in the process of establishing her new family-run business called Mollie Moo.

The business is after her lovely baby girl and is created for selling baby clothes online.

Ceri had sent me a reference image of what she imagined her logo to look like, along with a few different variations of the original. She was such a wonderful client to work with in terms of her trust in me and her open mindedness. We kept in touch throughout the whole process of me creating the illustrations, which was a.) So encouraging for me as Ceri was really liking the results and b.) A peace of mind for her to see how things are progressing.

As the business is aimed towards children, I wanted to make sure the illustration ends up looking very positive, cute and recognisable. To achieve that, I made sure there were no rough edges and no harsh colours – and who doesn’t like a chubby little cow with pastel-y coloured spots anyway! 

For the different variations of the original, Ceri had send me hand-drawn images of what she wanted which was very useful for creating them. They were all so much fun to make but I’d have to say my favourite has to be cow with the cute little flower crown! A strong second is the cow with the tutu – so adorable!

Overall I had such a lovely time working with Ceri and I’m so proud of the end results. It only goes to show that good results are the product of great teamwork!

If you’re looking for someone to create your brand logo or any illustrations for your business, feel free to get in touch!

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"Absolutely love my new brand logo created by Alextson, so talented and highly recommend!"
Ceri Morris
Mollie Moo

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